A Saucerfull Of Videos (1993)

Título: A Saucerfull Of Videos ou A Saucerfull Of Pink Floyd Videos.

Lançado: 1993.

Informações coletadas do fórum http://yeeshkul.com sobre Pink Floyd:

"As a request from some users, here is a splendid PCR release, here is the describtion : 

A Saucerfull of Floyd Videos (Psychedelic Closet)

Normally, I take several weeks to prepare a title, make copies, send them around the world to the Inner Circle guys, wait for them to actually receive the disks, then hit the group with like 4 or 5 offers all at once. But, in this case, I think that approach would just swamp the appetite.. And, I haven't actually mailed copies to anyone yet, so it would mean putting off the weeding process for a few additional weeks. I've got enough loose ends hanging around the place that I don't need this one as well. Plus, it's not actually got any new "Floyd" content. The "videos" don't feature the Floyd.

The music is standard stuff that we all have. I rather like the film, don't get me wrong. It's a little like a cover song. It's not the Floyd - but sometimes, there's fun to be had nevertheless.

The title I have given above in the subject line is as how it appears in the film. I know, I know, Saucerful generally has just the one "L". Whether the creator intended the extra "L" or not, it's in the film, so it's in my subject line.

Now - about the film - This comes to us thanks to Mr. Rosenberg. Mr. Rosenberg is the same chap who gave us the Ruby Takes A Trip film. He apparently has been doing some digging through his archives - because I recently received a number of tapes. These will be shared here & there over the next few months.

The story of the film's origin is that there once was a nice chap who worked for a "Home Shopping Channel" - not QVC - who had lots of time on his hands. So, he spent his time at work creating this filmfor himself & his friends with their professional video equipment.

One of the people that he shared it with was our friend Mr. Rosenberg. Generationally, we have - original unknown tapes -> editing process -> master tape -> Mr. Rosenberg's VHS -> my hard drive -> your DVD.

One of the films is mostly stills of UFOs and Flying Saucers.
This is because, he says, he did not have time to finish that
particular film. For whatever that might be worth to you..

I hope that you folks enjoy it. I'll probably make a copy for
the chap who created the film in the first place. I have a postal
address, but it's 10 years old. I wonder if it's still valid ?
Only time will tell.....


Comentário: Pois é amigos e amigas, estou a meses à procura desse DVD para download, já foi solicitado aqui por um Floydiano que colocasse para download esse material, porém ainda não encontrei... Caso você tenha esse "raro" arquivo do Pink Floyd por favor entre em contato para que possamos divulga esse material para outros fãs da banda.

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